Making A Difference at STLCC-Wildwood

by Dr. Patrick Vaughn, Acting President, STLCC-Wildwood

“You Make a Difference”.

That is the name of our new recognition program at St. Louis Community College in Wildwood.

The goal is to recognize students, staff and faculty for helping others with advice and assisting on projects, while providing everyone with a more inclusive environment.

In addition to an already established once a year banquet and other special events, this effort encourages student recognition to occur daily, through the use of “You Make a Difference” cards and attached stickers.

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to recognize any one on campus who helps them in a meaningful way by presenting them with a card and sticker.

The items are easily found, placed in baskets near gathering places on campus. Any member of the campus can fill in the back portion of the card as to how a student, staff or faculty member helped them that day. They then present it to the deserving person.

The hope is that anyone can participate in recognizing someone else on campus, and these materials are simply tools that provide a way to do it, and encouragement to take the opportunity to say, “Thank you.  You made a difference in my time here on the Wildwood campus.”

In addition to the stickers, a number of “You Make a Difference” thank you cards and envelopes have been created. These can be mailed or presented by the administrative staff to a faculty member or other employee. The goal is to provide a higher level of recognition than a standard email message.


The program is gaining momentum. Dozens of “You Make a Difference” stickers have been worn and seen throughout the campus. Students are taking them home and showing them to parents and friends.

In addition to on-campus recognition, an objective of the program is to add positive reinforcement for the well-being of all those who call this their “campus home”.   We are hopeful this program sends a positive message to not only our students but their parents and friends as well.

What do you think? If you have thoughts or questions about our “You Make a Difference” initiative, please let us know. We are always accessible and open to discussion.


About Patrick Vaughn

President, St. Louis Community College-Wildwood
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One Response to Making A Difference at STLCC-Wildwood

  1. Patrick Vaughn says:

    Just a little follow-up: Since the posting of this blog the “You Make a Difference” program has been proposed for implementation at STLCC’s Cosand Center. And, Trish Aumann and I have been accepted as presenters at the 23rd annual International Chair Academy conference to present a round table on this recognition program. Thanks to Craig Klimczack for taking this idea to the district level of St. Louis Community College, and Thanks to Trish for your part in making sure this important message had its chance to be spoken on the Wildwood campus.

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