Building Traditions

by Dr. Patrick Vaughn, Acting President, STLCC-Wildwood

Students participate in the production of "It's a Wondeful Life."

Students participate in the production of “It’s a Wondeful Life.”

Traditions are important to a community. This is true no matter the size, shape, the reason for the community’s existence, or how it came to exist. Traditions bring people together and give character to the group and the place where they gather.

Last week was full of traditions at the Wildwood campus: students stressing as they prepare for this week of finals, study groups, final projects, door and office decorating contests, a holiday get-together, and our annual radio play of “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

Friday’s production was our third annual presentation of “It’s a Wonderful Life,” and some have suggested we do a different production next year (possibly “Miracle on 34th Street” or some other radio play). Those who participated in the production became a part of something that connects them with the traditions of our campus community.

Let us know if you would like us to change the title of our radio play for next year.

As students, faculty, and staff of STLCC – Wildwood  seek a successful end to this fall semester, they are participating in another tradition, this one shared with a worldwide community centered on the phenomenon called “Finals.”

Our students, faculty and staff are a part of something that connects them with the traditions of higher education: faculty setting challenges, all of us supporting the students, and the students in-turn meeting the challenges head-on of learning  in pursuit of their own personal successes.

Just as each audience member, support crew, and cast member of our radio play is a part of our campus tradition, the broader campus community also plays key roles in making the tradition of student success a reality.

“Break a leg” (it means good luck in theater speak) to everyone taking and giving finals this week. Have a great holiday break, and a stellar new year!


About Patrick Vaughn

President, St. Louis Community College-Wildwood
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